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Here how it works.  A municipality has to purchase all 80 seats in a train car. Each ticket costs about $60. The deadline for the city to purchase the seats and confirm the available dates is August 1, 2019. We will need your name, phone number, and email address to reserve the seats for one of these three dates; December 5, 11, or 12. We have to give them three dates to choose from and they will tell us what date we have to use. That’s very important, because, from May 1 through June 15 we will be taking first come first serve phone reservations. If reservations exceed 80 on June 15, we will begin taking paid reservations June 17 through July 31 using your credit card. There will be NO refunds if you are unable to travel on the date given to us to book the reservation. Moreover, if we exceed one car (80) seats another car can be purchased, but the total has to reach 80. This is why it is of the utmost importance to book your reservations asap.

Please call Canal Fulton City Hall at (330) 854-2225 Ext. 110 to reserve your seats!

City of Canal Fulton Trash Aggregation Information

Please click on the images  below to see the current prices for the City of Canal Fulton Trash Aggregation Prices and the original brochure from the start of the program.  If you have any questions in regards to the program you may reach City of Canal Fulton Administration Office at 330-854-2225 ext 110

To sign up for the aggregation program you may reach Republic at 1-800-247-3644

Costs are explained below, along with a link of current brochure:







Canal Fulton 2018 brochure (RS000363 RESI REC SW YW BR A10 Carey OH)