Income Tax Department

Income Tax Department

Dates Tax Department will be in office to return calls and answer email:

April 5th,2020

April 7th,2020

April 8th,2020


City of Canal Fulton will follow all IRS guidelines for filing and payment. Currently our Amnesty Program eliminates all Penalty and Interest until October 30th, 2020 except for Late Fees.

• Individual taxpayers will have until 7/15/20 to file and pay their 2019 municipal income tax return.
• Net profit taxpayers (calendar year) who have opted to file with the State Tax Commissioner will have until 7/15/20 to file and pay their 2019 municipal income tax return with the State.
• Net profit taxpayers (calendar year) who file directly with the tax administrator of the municipal corporation will have until 7/15/20 to file and pay their 2019 municipal income tax return.
• First and second quarter estimated tax payments (individuals and calendar year net profit tax filers) will both be due by 7/15/20.


During the Stay At Home policy:

We will be glad to assist you with your tax return over the phone if possible. If not, we will schedule a time where we can discuss your return in person when City Hall is reopened to the public. Forms can be returned to us using the drop- box on the front door of City Hall and a completed return will be mailed to you. Citizens can also file their tax return electronically using our e-file option below.


eFile available here!


2020 Tax Amnesty Program


Tax rate 2019 and previous years is 1.5% with a 50% credit up to 1.5% of taxes paid to another city.

Tax rate for 2020 is 2% with 100% credit up to 2% of taxes paid to another city.



Attention Businesses and Payroll Companies:

The City of Canal Fulton Income Tax Department uses the Federal Employer Identification Number as our account number. Please complete and submit the Business and Professional Questionnaire by mail (155 Market St E, Suite C, Canal Fulton, OH 44614), fax (330-854-6260) or email (                         







The tax rate for Canal Fulton is 2.0%.


These were the changes made with the passing of State of Ohio HB 5:

• Late filing penalty is $25.00 per month per return (capped at $150.00 per return) for failure to timely file a return.
• Late payment penalty is a one-time 15% penalty of the unpaid balance at the time that the payment is due.
• Interest will be calculated at the July federal short-term interest rate plus 5%. For 2016 estimates to be paid in 2016, the interest rate is 5% per annum; the monthly interest rate is 0.42%. For 2017 and for future unpaid balances, the interest rate is 6% per annum, the monthly interest rate is .50%.

Tax Year 2020 interest rate is 7%.

EXEMPT TAXPAYERS:  Those taxpayers who are permanently retired, receiving only pension, social security, interest, dividends of other non-taxable income.

Bill Keltner, Income Tax Administrator


City of Canal Fulton
Income Tax Department
155 East Market Street, Suite C
Canal Fulton, Ohio 4461


Phone: 330-854-9448
Fax: 330-854-6260


IMPORTANT: Please note that all email sent to the City of Canal Fulton is public record. Do not include your social security number or other personal information. 

More Detail:

Tax Forms Available Here

Tax Related Links Here



“TAXPAYERS’ RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES” means the rights provided to taxpayers in sections 718.11, 718.12, 718.19, 718.23, 718.36, 718.37, 718.38, 5717.011, and 5717.03 of the Ohio Revised Code and any corresponding ordinances of the Municipality; and the responsibilities of taxpayers to file, report, withhold, remit, and pay municipal income tax and otherwise comply with Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code and resolutions, ordinances, and rules adopted by a municipal corporation for the imposition and administration of a municipal income tax.