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Please be advised that the filing deadline has passed. You can still file your Canal Fulton return online, however penalty and interest will be assessed and billed to you.

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Second quarter estimated payments were mailed out May 9th,2019 and are due June 15th,2019.

Attention Businesses and Payroll Companies:

The City of Canal Fulton Income Tax Department uses the Federal Employer Identification Number as our account number. Please complete and submit the Business and Professional Questionnaire by mail (155 Market St E, Suite C, Canal Fulton, OH 44614), fax (330-854-6260) or email (                         




Income Tax Reform 2020

On May 7th, 2019, the residents of Canal Fulton voted for Issue #14. The City Income Tax will increase its income tax rate from 1.5% to 2.0% on January 1st, 2020, but the residents will recive 100% credit for income taxes paid to other municipalities up to 2 %. For the tax year 2019, the final returns will follow the current ordinance when filing in 2020.

1)  Income Tax Presentation 11/15/18 – This is a copy of a presentation that Bill Rouse, Finance Director gave to City Council on November 15, 2018 to help explain the need for tax reform.

2) Tax Proposal Calculator  The Income Tax Department has created a spreadsheet to help citizens determine the potential impact of the proposed tax reform.  To use the spreadsheet, you will need to enter your gross income and taxes that were withheld for another City (for example, taxes withheld for Akron, Barberton, Green, etc). The spreadsheet will then automatically calculate your tax liability under the current system (1.5% tax rate, 50% credit for taxes paid to other cities) and the liability under the proposed tax system (2.0% tax rate, 100% credit for taxes paid to other cities). This comparison will allow voters to easily see the impact the tax proposal will have on them.

3)  Income Tax Newsletter – This is a copy of an article that will appear in the next community newsletter that answers various questions regarding tax reform.

4) Ordinance #51-18 – This Ordinance passed January 15th,2019. The wording of the ordinance specifically states “If the citizens of Canal Fulton approve a proposed 0.5% increase in the income tax rate (takes total income tax rate to 2.0%), then Chapter 182.06 of the Administrative Code will be amended as follows….Subject to division (c) of this section, if the tax rate of the other municipality is the same or lower than Canal Fulton’s tax rate, the credit shall not exceed 100 percent of the tax paid to the other municipality. If the other municipality’s tax rate is higher than Canal Fulton’s tax rate, the credit shall not exceed 100 percent of the Canal Fulton tax rate.”

5) Issue 14


FILED 1/16/2019

Increase of 0.5% in the income tax rate, from 1.5% to 2%, for current expenses, effective January 1, 2020.

If Issue 14 passes, Ordinance #51-18 goes into effect and taxpayers that pay municipal tax to another municipality will receive 100% credit of taxes paid up to 2%. 

6) Massillon Independent 1-18-19 – An independent article summarizing key points in the proposal.

If you have any questions regarding the tax proposal, please contact Bill Rouse at 330-854-6761 or Bill Keltner at 330-854-9448.

Income tax is paid by all persons eighteen years of age or older who are residents of, or are employed within the city limits of Canal Fulton. The tax also applies to the net profits of corporations, partnerships and businesses within the City of Canal Fulton.

The tax rate for Canal Fulton is 1.5%.

These were the changes made with the passing of State of Ohio HB 5:

• Late filing penalty is $25.00 per month per return (capped at $150.00 per return) for failure to timely file a return.
• Late payment penalty is a one-time 15% penalty of the unpaid balance at the time that the payment is due.
• Interest will be calculated at the July federal short-term interest rate plus 5%. For 2016 estimates to be paid in 2016, the interest rate is 5% per annum; the monthly interest rate is 0.42%. For 2017 and for future unpaid balances, the interest rate is 6% per annum, the monthly interest rate is .50%.

EXEMPT TAXPAYERS:  Those taxpayers who are permanently retired, receiving only pension, social security, interest, dividends of other non-taxable income.

Bill Keltner, Income Tax Administrator


City of Canal Fulton
Income Tax Department
155 East Market Street, Suite C
Canal Fulton, Ohio 4461


Phone: 330-854-9448
Fax: 330-854-6260


IMPORTANT: Please note that all email sent to the City of Canal Fulton is public record. Do not include your social security number or other personal information. 

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Tax Forms Available Here

City of Canal Fulton Tax Code Chapter 181 & Chapter 182

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“TAXPAYERS’ RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES” means the rights provided to taxpayers in sections 718.11, 718.12, 718.19, 718.23, 718.36, 718.37, 718.38, 5717.011, and 5717.03 of the Ohio Revised Code and any corresponding ordinances of the Municipality; and the responsibilities of taxpayers to file, report, withhold, remit, and pay municipal income tax and otherwise comply with Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code and resolutions, ordinances, and rules adopted by a municipal corporation for the imposition and administration of a municipal income tax.