Police Department

Police Department

A Civil Service Exam will take place on May 5, 2018 for an Entry Level Police Officer.

Applications may be downloaded here:

Entry Level Police Officer Exam Packet 5-5-18

Completed Applications are due at Canal Fulton City Hall no later than Friday, May 1, at 4:00pm. A $20.00 dollar fee will be due at the time of application.


City of Canal Fulton Police Department

1165 SE Locust St.
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

Chief Douglas Swartz

9 – 1 – 1 Emergency

330-854-2211 Non-Emergency

330-854-2926 Administrative

330-854-0618 Fax
Contacting the Police:


The Canal Fulton Police Department recently updated their telephone system with voice mail. The purpose of this addition is to improve voice communications between the public and our department, as well as to enhance efficiency and increase service.

Police Department telephone numbers did not change; however, residents and businesses will have an option of calling one of three numbers based on the type of service needed.


9 – 1 – 1

Emergency calls that require immediate assistance, such as crimes in progress, vehicle accidents with injuries, or any other potentially life-threatening situation.



Non-emergency calls that require a police officer to respond, such as minor vehicle accidents, report of a crime after it occurred, parking complaints, suspicious persons, vehicle lock outs, loud parties and barking dogs.



Routine administrative calls such as record requests, leaving messages for an officer, road/weather conditions, questions concerning an investigation, etc.

Both the emergency and non-emergency dispatch numbers will continue to be monitored at all times. Once the voice mail system is installed on the administrative telephone line, callers will have the option to leave a message with a particular employee if personnel are not available to answer the call. This will reduce paper messages and prevent the need for callers to repeat the content of their conversation multiple times before reaching the appropriate individual. It will also eliminate administrative calls going to our dispatch center and enable them to focus primarily on calls for service as well as radio communications. Callers are reminded to use the emergency or non-emergency number.