Income Tax eFile

Income Tax eFile

E-file is not available to Mid-January 2021.


Please read before going to the MITS TAX ONLINE website.

Correction on Declaration of Estimates:

We are working on correcting the Declaration of Estimate section of the eFile. If you have to manually change your estimate follow this guide:

  • If you work in a city where they take out local tax that is equal to or greater than 2% your estimated tax would be $0.
  • If you work in a township or village where no local tax is collected your estimated tax would be box 5 times 2%.                                ($40,000 equals $800.)
  • If you live in a city or village that collects less than 2%, your estimate would be 2% minus the tax rate of that municipality.           (North Canton: 2% minus 1.5% equals .5%. $40,000 times .5% equals $200.)

Tax rate 2019 is 1.5% with a 50% credit up to 1.5% of taxes paid to another city.



Tax rate for 2020 is 2% with 100% credit up to 2% of taxes paid to another city.



To utilize the e-file system:

Input your social security number (or the primary’s social security number in the case of a joint account) and create a PIN number by clicking on the “Don’t have a PIN?” link next to the log in screen’s PIN field.

Make sure that you’ve updated your address with our office, as your current house number is required when setting up your new PIN.

The PIN is required to be a combination of letters and numbers (anywhere from 4 to 10 characters). Any letters that are part of your PIN are case sensitive.

You will receive confirmation of your PIN’s creation on the log in page.

Once you’ve created your PIN and logged into our system, you may prepare your 2019 City of Canal Fulton income tax return online, file an extension, and/or check your estimates and prior year credits.


Your prior year’s PIN is no longer valid. You will need to create a new PIN each year.

If you choose to prepare the form online and you DID NOT file a tax return for 2018, please PRINT the 2019 return; SIGN the printed form; ATTACH all appropriate W-2s, 1099s, and other Schedules; and MAIL the return to City of Canal Fulton 155 Market St E Canal Fulton, OH 44614.

If you have filed a return for the 2018 tax year, you are NOT required to submit a printed 2018 return or supporting documentation. Documentation may be required at a later date if deemed necessary to determine the accuracy of a submitted return. Before continuing with the e-file system, tax payer must be aware that any documentation requested must be submitted within 30 days or e-file will be considered incomplete.

If you have a balance due, these are your payment options:

  • You can pay online at the end of your return. Balance and estimated payment may be made at this time. Card processing fees will be applied.
  • You can mail in a check with a copy of your return.
  • You can stop by City Hall and make the payment.
  • You can call in and make the payment with debit or credit card. No fees are applied.

Balance is due at the time of filing. First quarter estimates are due by April 15th, 2020.

Thank you for using our eFile system.

Click the link below to begin e-file:


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