2019 Council Committees

2019 Council Committees

Each standing committee shall elect a chairperson for its committee at the committees’ first meeting of each calendar year.  Each committee will be required to have its initial meeting in the first quarter (January – March) of each calendar year. Each committee may discuss at any committee meeting a topic assigned to that committee under these rules.   No Council member shall chair more than one committee.  In addition, Council members may serve as Council liaison on other committees including, but not limited to, Parks & Recreation Board, Planning Commission, Community Betterment Committee, and City Council/Township Trustee meetings.  Council members on such committees do not have authority to commit Council’s authority over policy or revenue spending. The standing committees for Council shall be as follows:

Finance – Scott Svab, Dan Bucher Jr., Danny Losch, Sue Mayberry

Budget, appropriations and re-appropriations, bonds, investments, expenditures, pay ordinances, and ordinances setting salaries.

Economic Development/Zoning – Danny Losch, Eric Whittington, Dan Bucher Jr. and Scott Svab

Land use, zoning, conditional uses, planning and community development, attraction of commercial and industrial development, retention of existing businesses, tax abatement.

Personnel/Rules – Sue Mayberry, Bonnie Donaldson and Scott Svab

Personnel, labor relations, insurance claims, Rules of Council, and ordinances setting number of employees.

 Safety – Danny Losch, Dan Bucher, Jr., Eric Whittington and Bonnie Donaldson

Disaster services, communications, fire and paramedics, and police and health.

Public Service – Dan Bucher, Jr., Danny Losch and Sue Mayberry

Streets, highways, sidewalks, and improvements, water, sewer items and franchises.


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